Day 4: Ways to Share

As you use your oils and other YL products every day, your friends and family are eventually going to start asking questions about them! In the same way you get to set the tone of your business, you also get to SHARE in your own way! This is such an amazing thing, since we have each been blessed with unique skill sets and gifts. 

Some of you might be all over social media, with tons of likes and followers. You may have the gift of taking beautiful photos and writing clever captions.

Then some of you may have the gift of conversation and are be able to talk to a brick wall! People are drawn to you when you speak and they truly listen and believe all that you say.

Others of you might be the ULTIMATE party planner and your blood runs with creative juices. You thrive off of hosting things at your house or planning the cutest events.

Or you are hilarious and full of life that people love to watch your live videos, no matter what you are discussing.

Each of these things can be HUGE and SO IMPORTANT when it comes to your business.. if it is YOUR thing. But just because your oily bestie is instafamous, doesn’t mean that you have to be. Just because that Royal Crown Diamond that you watched a video of throws amazing events, doesn’t mean you have to. Use your gifts. Find your strengths. Each of us can run this business alongside each other but doing it our own way.THAT is the beauty of this. How freeing to know that we don’t have to fit into some corporate cookie cutter mold?!

There are numerous ways to share Young Living with others. The most typical way is just in every day conversation with whoever. Outside of that, here are the 3 main ways that we like to share the gift of Young Living with others:



These are intentional times you get together with a family member, a friend, a friend of a friend, whoever! They know they are meeting you to talk about oils. You share about the oils. You present the starter kit, you share your personal story. This is truly simple and the more simple the better! I have never had anyone use oils and say "these don't work", or "they're not for me." Sometimes people will wait to purchase for financial reasons, or wanting to do more research, but you are always planting seeds.


These are just like a one on one but with more people! Invite your friends and their friends over to your home to get some oils in their hands. Pick a recipe (rollers are a favorite!) and let your people experience the oils. This is such a great way to widen your circle. When friends sign up, you can offer to do the same class with THEIR circle of friends. Continue touching lives and sharing what you're passionate about!


Facebook event classes are a great way to reach people if you have influence online or want to reach people who don't live local to you. You can teach a graphics based class (meaning you post graphics to teach) or you can go live! I know it can be scary if you've never done it before, but push yourself our of your comfort zone and you will be rewarded! 

We have lots of tips in our Facebook Oil Biz group on these 3 ways to share, so be sure to check those out!

*Tip - GO Sign up your mom! No seriously, your sister, your aunt, your mom- someone in your close circle who will not only benefit from the products but will want to support your new business endeavor!


  • Watch video below

  • Go to our Oil Biz group & locate this month’s Social Media Challenge -

  • Pull out your calendar and schedule classes, in person make and takes, one on ones, etc.

  • Get to know your VO and create your sign-up link

  • Sign up your mom or sister or dad or best friend! 

Extra Credit: 

  • Go to our shop section on this website & grab ‘Time to Rise’ booklets to give to current members & new members! 

  • Buy “Getting Noticed: A no-nonsense guide to standing out and selling more for momtrepreneurs who 'ain’t got time for that'

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