Day11: Income Producing Activities

We often get asked: What do you do every day? What should someone doing the Young Living business be doing every day for their business??

This is such a great question! We always respond with: IPAs! Income Producing Activities. These are activities that are actions that you take that have a direct impact on producing income in your business!

These are so important. Everyone works differently. Some work best under set work hours, others work best in spurts. 

If you go into your virtual office and just stare at your downline, or mindlessly scroll through Facebook (I’ve totally done that!), it may feel like you’re working - but you really haven’t done anything to truly benefit your business. 

When you sit down to do Young Living work, IPA’s are what you want to be doing! 


  • Product education: You post a picture of how you use an oil, what it makes you feel like, the benefits, and everyone goes and makes a quick order of that oil.. that is an IPA! You have educated them, they purchased it, your OGV has gone up - and you know that they’ll purchase it again once they experience it!  

  • Having classes, one-on-ones, make and takes

  • Unboxing your ER order and educating on that is HUGE! 

Work smarter, not harder! 


 Extra Credit:
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