Day 9: Incentive Ideas

As you grow, incentives or gifts are an awesome way to grow your team!

For example: In the past I have offered a free oil, reimbursed shipping, or a $20 product credit to anyone thinking about enrolling on my team with a Premium Starter Kit! I have also offered gifts to get members on ER or if they place an order over a certain PV. 

Use incentives to grow your business wisely, and do not offer them all of the time! That way when you do, they are to others a fantastic chance for them!

A few types of incentives:
1. SIGN UP INCENTIVES: this is something you would offer as an incentive for someone to signup with you for the first time! For example: I always specify: “When you signup wholesale + buy the Premium Starter kit today I will send you a cute oils pouch!"

The only RULES from YL on this is that no signup incentives can be offered the EODR (a resource book). There is also a $25 limit, so no giving away iPhone watches ;)

2. OGV INCENTIVES: you might see us doing incentives that say "anyone who spends 100pv this month gets entered into a giveaway for a Thieves kit!"- This will boost your OGV!

3. ONE ON ONE- This one has worked VERY WELL for me! This is when you are trying to reach a rank and you reach out to your builders as individuals and tailor those incentives especially to them. FOR EXAMPLE, "hey sally- if you can reach 8,000 OGV this month I will send you an Aria diffuser!"

4. PUSH INCENTIVES: this might be a month you need a big push! A great one for this is free shipping! "Anyone that orders 100pv or more today (not using points) I will reimburse your shipping (mail shipping only, and US only)"

5. ER INCENTIVE: “If you join ER this month I will send you a bottle of Cedarwood!"

These are some examples to help you think strategically!

Favorite Incentives for Enrollments:


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