Day 8: Following-Up

What do you do after you enroll or refer a new member to join?

1. Welcome!

  • Send a welcome email the SAME DAY! Here is an example, make it your own and use your voice!

  • Add new wholesale members (not retail) to our Facebook groups! &

  • Make them feel loved and welcome!

2. Thank you!

  • Send a handwritten note or card their way!

  • Include a Time to Rise booklet, Reference Guide (optional) or tips/brochure on how to use their new oils! If this isn't in the budget right now, that is okay, do what works best for you in your season!

  • Optionally, you can include a roller bottle, thieves hand purifier, bonus oil, or chapstick, etc.

3. Follow up!

  • Follow up with them within 2 weeks. When they first enroll, set a reminder in your phone or calendar to follow up with them after they receive their kit.

  • Ask them, how do they like their kit? Do they have questions?

  • Optionally, offer to host a class with them and their friends! Talk about the refer 3 and get your kit paid for concept, if they refer 3 friends to enroll, they receive $150!!

The fortune is in the follow-up!

Tip - Keep a notebook or spreadsheet of 1) prospects and 2) those you have enrolled personally enrolled

Keep track of: 1) When you spoke to them 2) What you spoke about 3) If you have mailed them any goodies 4) the next date you set with them to check-in

REMEMBER: The faster they fall in love with their kit, use up those oils - the faster they will need to reorder their favorites, and learn about other products that are wonderful compliments to those! 


  • Check-in with your personally enrolled members today! 

 Extra Credit:
  • Buy  Time to Rise booklets &/or magnets for your members to include in their welcome/follow-up gifts (Located under the Shop tab on this website

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