Day 7: Terminology& Comp Plan 

Youre probably wondering: What does PV, PGV, OGV mean?? And.. how exactly do we get paid?? Buckle up, because youre mind is about to be expanded! 

The Comp Plan is the bones to learning how you earn a paycheck with Young Living. As you rise in ranks, you gain different bonuses and earn deeper in your organization. You will want to know this to see the full picture of what it means financially to move from one rank to the next!

Young Living has an AMAZING compensation plan and has truly set us up for success. Even more so, this team has set us up for success! Every month around the 17th you're paycheck for the previous month is deposited into your bank account! The app OilyTools is an amazing way to track the month as you go! ( 

The videos below were created by an RCD Monique McLean and she does a fantastic job simplifying how we get paid! I watched them over and over again as I was moving up the ranks. You may not grasp it over night, but over time you surely will! 


Watch These Videos