Day10: Ways to Build Relationships

This business is all about developing and sustaining relationships. The better the relationships you can build with others, the better the community your team will have, the better the culture you’ll create, the more successful you will be!


The beautiful thing about this business - we are all different people coming together to create a happy, healthy, wonderful life for ourselves and our families. Love on people. Let them know that you believe in them, that you are there to link arms and run alongside one another. Let them know that we are in this together. Their dreams and goals are achievable. They are real and they matter! So do yours! 

We rise by lifting others. 


Here are some quick ways to build relationships:

  • Have them take the color personality quiz & share it with you:  -- This quiz will allow you to know how to better communicate with people that may have a different personality than you!

  • Have them take the 5 love language quiz & share it with you” http://www. -- This quiz will allow you to know how to show your member that you appreciate and are there for them! 

  • Send a thank-you / gratitude card

  • Have a Starbucks coffee date

  • Send a nice, uplifting, empowering text message

  • Have a quick lunch date

  • Have a girls night

  • Have a weekly Zoom call (app)

  • Start a group chat on Marco Polo (app)

 Assignment: ​

  • Send 5 people a nice, uplifting text!

 Extra Credit:
Watch Video