Day5:  Selling V S. Sharing 

Has a friend ever asked you where you got your shoes? Or for a recommendation on what to get at a restaurant? Or have you ever given a recommendation on Facebook to a friend asking for advice?? I guarantee that you probably have! You didn’t even know it, but you’ve most likely ‘sold’ something just by sharing your every day recommendations and experiences. It didn’t feel like “selling” though, right?! Nope! It simply felt like you were helping a friend out by sharing a great experience you’ve had, knowing that they will have a great experience with it too. Sharing Young Living IS that natural and simple! Even if you’ve had experience with just a handful of products, pay it forward like you do with other products or services that you use, and simply SHARE!


Share what products that you use, how the products make you feel. Share how amazing and helpful our Gettin’ to Livin’ community is. Share that you no longer have to worry about reading labels. Share that you love to put a drop of Peppermint Vitality in a cup of tea because how it supports your respiratory system. Share how you diffuse Lavender because it helps to relax your kids. Share how you clean your house with Thieves Household Cleaner and you love knowing that you’re not only using a clean healthy product, but you’re using a cleaner that won’t harm you or your family. The more Young Living products that you use, the more experiences that you have. Share your experiences, you never know who is waiting for one of your recommendations! You never know whose home or life you can change just by sharing!



Compliance means using acceptable speech- as determined by the FDA, FTC, EPA, and other governmental agencies- when sharing, teaching, and advertising Young Living Products to others.

This is crucial when sharing online! We need to lead with compliance so that our leaders, in turn, lead with compliance!

It is always safe to say what you did with your oils, NOT safe to say what they did for you!

For example-Compliant: I put two drops of tummygize on my son's stomach this morning. NOT compliant: Stomach bug completely gone after using tummygize on my son's stomach this morning.

Don’t worry, if you make a mistake online, we’ll try our best to catch it and let you know how to fix it! 

Remember - “Kitchen table talk” aka, when talking to your best friends and family, don’t fret if you slip and use a hot word. Online is where you have to be careful! 

Watch Video
Extra Credit:
  • Look through this document and utilize these videos and graphics to learn the right way that we share! 

  • Watch this video by Hannah Crews as she goes over how to share Young Living in a proper and compliant way!