Day 2: Income Potential 

How do people sign up with me and purchase oils??

As a member, you also automatically have the opportunity to be a ‘distributor’. So when a friend wants to sign up, give them your member number. They enter that number into the sponsor and enroller spaces. Then they have all of the same exact perks that you do! All purchases are done from Young Living's website! You are getting paid by Young Living directly, not by your friends and family.

For every person you enroll or refer (it's the same thing, we use the words enroll or refer interchangeably!) you earn $50! As long you have placed at least a 50PV order on your account in the same month that they sign up for their account, you'll receive a $50 (or much more depending on how many people!) check the following month! Don't forget, if you are trying to reach ranks, you are required to do a 100PV order, not just 50PV.

Now let’s talk infinite potential, AND income potential. 

Friends, the numbers on our income disclosure statement (click link below), those  are real incomes, that real people like you and me are earning every day. AMAZING, right?!? I mean it, those who are at the top in this company, are just your average people. Average, every day people that saw the potential in YL business opportunity, learned & used the resources & tools that we are giving you here, & decided to GO FOR IT!! 


Dream with us.. What would YOU do if you were a Silver? A Gold? A Platinum or higher?? We have 5 Platinums on our team, 10 Golds, & dozens of Silvers! We have mom’s that can stay home and raise their babies, dad’s joining them too! We have teachers earning more in YL than their teachers salary. We have families paying off student loan and credit card debt, funding adoptions, building their dream homes, taking family vacations. It’s being made possible because of THIS opportunity. Young Living is the perfect vehicle to your deepest desires. 

Every rank is significant. Think of ranks as you would promotions. There are 9 ranks in YL. If you grew 1 rank per year, you would be Royal Crown Diamond in 9 years! That’s an average income of $1,828,000. No other career I’ve been in has given me the opportunity to grow exponentially, to advance at my own will. With no ceiling, with no competition.


This is so worth it my friends. The infinite potential is standing in front of you, grab onto it with both hands, & let’s do this..!!


  • Print off the Income Disclosure Statement, highlight the

rank that you will achieve, & put it on your fridge! 

Watch Video

 Extra Credit: 

( RCD) explains the incredible potential of the Young Living Compensation Plan and shares ways to get started moving in the right direction!! 

  • Watch this video as retired CPA Ryan saw the VALUE in having a YL business, his perspective is very refreshing!